Hallie Burton

C'mon Aussie

Hallie Burton
C'mon Aussie

Aussie Native-New York resident Odette Williams took us on an old fashioned Women's Weekly journey with party food that was just like home! Oh the feeling-

Baking starts here!


What is life without fairy bread!

A child hood taste sensation! Nothing better!! fresh white bread-crusts on-butter - hundreds and thousands - and the dream begins.....

Sneak and eat! Apron by Odette Willimams (www.odettewilliams.com)and dress by SMOKKS (www.smokks.com)

Seriously - its an extravaganza..Odette your my Aussie NY gal!! Oh the flavors of home!!

And lets go!! Baking by odette Williams and dresses by http://smokks.com


It's survival of the fittest..get what you can!

Does it get any better than this!!

Done and dusted!